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Shamballa Jewels

Founded by two Danish brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup in 2005, the brand unveils a strong taste for the atypical and the original with the desire to create high quality jewelry, considered as individual creations out of the ordinary and beyond luxury.

The brand’s vision is to harmonize the mix between old Indian style jewelry and modern Scandinavian inspired creations. The Shamballa brand represents a connection between creativity and freedom. Tibetan-inspired, the philosophy of Shamballa jewelry is based on the essential, namely the alliance of matter and spirit through the creative energy of the universe. The use of gold and precious stones is combined with innovation to encourage the creative expression and symbolism of the brand.

Thus, through her jewels, Shamballa Jewels testifies to the incredible alliance between spirituality and jewelry. Inspired by Tibetan symbols, the brand impresses with its authenticity and the spirit of freedom claimed bravely by it.

Shamballa jewels known for its aesthetic qualities and its soothing virtues arouse a real frenzy with celebrities. This style pleases and seduces personalities like Paris Hilton, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian Kanye West or Justin Bieber.