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Official Rolex Retailer

The history of Swiss watchmaking is closely linked to that of Rolex. Pioneer of the wristwatch, the brand to the crown is at the origin of many major innovations in the field of watchmaking.
Rolex designs and manufactures in-house all the essential components of its watches, from the casting of gold alloys to the assembly of the elements of the movement, the case, the dial and the bracelet, through the machining and finishing .
Rolex watches are made from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Each component is designed, developed and produced to the highest standards.

Crans Prestige is proud to be part of the worldwide network of official Rolex retailers authorized to sell and service Rolex watches. We certify the authenticity of your new Rolex and offer its international guarantee. Do not hesitate to discover our Rolex collection or to contact us to make an appointment with one of our charge customer who will help you make a life lasting choice.