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Morganne Bello

Marganne Bello is the French jewelry brand that represents both refined and avant-garde jewelry. Minimalist jewelry is delicately complemented by valuable stones, creating a brand-specific style that is recognizable among thousands.

Created in 2004, the Morganne Bello brand is a part of the modern jewelry design characterized by freshness and freedom. Its mission is to adapt to the desires and needs of women who live in the spirit of the times.

In 2007, the company inaugurated a store Saint-Pères street in Paris. The brand currently has hundreds of outlets and shops throughout France and abroad, including Dubai, Japan and Lebanon.
In 2008, Morganne Bello released a candy jewelry collection and in the following year, it released a new collection called ‘Baby Boom’ featuring gold bracelets and precious stones.
Since its creation, Morgane Bello has been distinguished by the range of its colors and the absolute purity of its unique materials gathered around the world.

The Studio diverts the standard codes of fashion, frees the stone, exposes its fragility and alleviates the jewel to combine aesthetics and practicality.

Morganne Bello invents an infinity of models inspired by the authenticity of each woman in a game of personalized combinations according to the desires of the amateurs of the brand. Each woman can create her own palette of stones, resonating with her favorite colors. Her light jewels with unstitched stones take us into a universe where each woman becomes herself the creator of her ornaments and the master of her own destiny.

The collections include rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This young but ambitious brand is best known for the following collections: Sweets, Diamond Sweets, Star Perlee, Candy Delice, Lola, Honore Diamonds, Honore, Pearls Devout.