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Marco Bicego

Craftsmanship is the mantra of this company where values and knowledge have been passed down from generation to generation, as is done with family traditions.

The Bicego Jewelry was founded in 1948 and has become an international brand since the beginning of this century. The authenticity of Marco Bicego’s masterpieces lies not in the hand, but in the organic nature of the forms they have. Nature is beautiful because it is imperfect, in its imperfection there is harmony, balance and fluidity. It is precisely this philosophy that the creator is transmitting through his inspirations and that the artisans bring back in the form of a finished jewel.

The singularity of the jewelry Marco Bicego is also dictated by the hands of master craftsmen who draw by hand according to ancient yet revisited techniques. Gold, diamonds, natural precious stones that coexist with the 18-carat gold of his masterpieces are living materials. These are versatile and timeless jewels that reflect both the exclusive experience of its creator during his travels but also his attachment to his country, along with the singularity of these unique pieces made in Italy.