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This family business is strong thanks to its founders; Gaston Ries and his nephew René Bannwart, who decided in 1955 to join forces, one as watchmaker and the other as creator, to transform their small private label watch factory into a watch manufacturer owning its own brand: Corum .

Ever since its creation, Corum had considered creativity and daring as its cardinal values. Throughout the years, the brand continues to follow the path traced by its founders, remaining more than ever faithful to its iconic collections while enriching them with a modern and powerful touch, imprint of innovation and technical progress.

Corum never ceased to present itself as a revolutionary brand, presenting in turn: the Gold currency, designed with a 20-dollar gold coin in 1964, the Buckingham, with oversized proportions a year later, but also the Rolls Royce, resulting from a partnership with the car manufacturer, and, in 1986, the Meteorite, whose dial is carved in a real stone of space.

Appreciated for the aesthetic appeal of its models and for its technical excellence, the brand that changed owners at the beginning of this century continues proudly to perpetuate the values and expertise that have always characterized high quality watchmaking.