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Born of a tradition that merges watchmaking expertise and jeweler, Chanel watchmaking is distinguished by a precious approach to time. For 30 years, Chanel has been creating its own vision of a watchmaking that renews the codes of time measurement. Ever since 1987 with the creation of the “Premiere” watch, along with the iconic “J12” and the “Monsieur” watches, the latter being the first creation dedicated to men: Chanel has continued to explore new territories. Chanel’s motto is that the watchmaking technique has only one mission, which is to add elegance to time.

In 2016, Chanel presented its first movement designed, developed and produced by the Chanel manufacture in Switzerland. Featuring a jumping hour and instant retrograde minutes, this caliber1 launched the “Monsieur de Chanel” collection. Again and again, the magic of Chanel watches always operates regardless of the size, the choice of materials or the complexity of the movement.

If Coco died in 1971, before the brand created its first watch, the Chanel spirit is undoubtedly immortal, as evidenced by the high quality watchmaking creations of the brand until today. The emblem of Chanel watchmaking is thus established in a classical jewelry or grand complication versions, through different yet similar-in-their-elegance models.